MMX Metadata Frameworks is built on relational database technology. However, as a large part of the structure of the meta-metadata is hidden from the relational model Structured Query Language (SQL) is not the best method for general data access as the queries in SQL would be too complicated and repetitive to write. Instead, object oriented methods can be exploited using inheritance to derive the whole data access layer from a small set of primitives created in SQL. Modern automatic object environments (Persistency Layers, Object-Relational Mappers etc.) can be taken advantage of here.

MMX Metadata Framework provides several diverse methods of data access to fulfill different requirements:
  • Object-Relational Mapper: provides .NET and Web Service (SOA) interfaces (nHibernate). This would cover application programs, web applications and external clients;
  • RDF API: provides XML/HTTP interface for applications. Typically this would include various Semantic Web applications or services;
  • Database CRUD API: provides standard SQL interface for applications requiring database level functionality. This would typically include data transformation jobs, maintenance tasks, query tools etc.