MMX Wiktionary is the web based collaborative application, top on MMX Metadata Framework, to provide semantic wiki-like user interface for metadata creation and management. Main creative idea, behind the MMX Wiktionary, is structured, metamodel driven, universal metadata repository in combination with wiki user interface. This combination allows users to see and feel complicated metadata structures as conventional pages, without losing required formalization, driven by defined metamodel. Same time, there are no restrictions to use Wiktionary for loosely formalized content creation, like document management, using predefined open schema/metamodel approach, when needed. While it seems easier to start without modeling, we do not see it promising for organizational metadata perspective. Our moderately modeled approach brings guided metadata creation to every end user, in intuitive and simplified form. We do not sacrifice the semantics, which is coded to metamodel, in the journey of simplification and usability creation. Content dependent classification of pages, hierarchy management, named relation and properties extraction and linking within text creation, are some examples of usability and semantics mashup.  

The editor user interface is one of the biggest challenges in our wiki initiative. Trying to avoid wiki's markup mess we use "wysiwyg" editor, for rich content formatting and directed metadata creation. The editor is meant to end users, who are grown up with mark-and-click editing style and do not know or remember, how text creation was "programmed" in WordStar or WordPerfect environment or do not have extensive "writing in Wikipedia" experience. Created text parsed during saving and stored to metadata repository in structured form, that is defined by model. The rich formatting is stored to the text body, using basic html markup, which will be interpreted during reading and writing, by browser and editor. Defined properties and created links will be extracted from text and stored to metadata structures as property values or relations between objects. Addition to saved text, the markup is the connection mechanism between text and stored properties and relation, which is giving the layout and presentation dimension to the captured metadata, same time preserving structure and machine process capability. 

Some keywords and topics in our Wiktionary initiative, which keeps us busy: 

  • wiki style ui and wysiwyg editor
  • usability and semantics, integration of user interface and metadata
  • community driven content tagging for business glossary creation
  • page templates and metadata driven layout
  • history and versioning
  • discussion forum and commentaries
  • import and export